Experience of Kristyan Uzunov in the youth exchange Hackers of Life (HoL) that took place in Lorca, Murcia from the 20th to the 26th of August 2019

So, everything started on the 1st of May when I was invited to fill up the group for the ‘’Hacker of life” project. At first I thought: yeah it is whatever I just go, do some stuff and come back. We didn’t do meetings with the group a lot because 5 of us were taking part in another project before this one. The time flew by… and we are suddenly in Alicante, Spain waiting for our bus to Lorca which was at 3am.

We did a night walk in Alicante and then came back to the bus station, waiting for the bus to Lorca. We were so stressed because almost no one was talking English. We were asking every bus driver that stopped at the station if this is the bus to Lorca. Another group of 6 people like us was doing the same. We eventually asked them if they are here for the project in Lorca and the answer was yes. That was it for the night. And in the morning the journey began :D. We didn’t have a lot of time in the morning. We started at 9am. I had not slept for more than 40 hours. Everyone was a little bit sleepy at first but then the energy kicked. We started knowing each other and so on. Everything was fine and it looked like my first opinion about this project was wrong. As the week was going by I understood that not only we are having a lot of fun , not only having a great time , not only spending a week in Spain but I started to understand how I am getting comfortable near these people. I learned a lot of things like: some tricks about taking videos, how to edit the videos later, how to learn better and of course I learnt about cybersecurity and how NOT secure we are. And the week is gone In no time… The groups started leaving one by one. On the last day it was just our group, the Spanish group and some of the Greeks. We left the M13 centre at 5am. We wanted to say goodbye to everyone left but they were sleeping and we didn’t want to wake them up. I want to say a huge THANKS to everyone that took part in this project and making this week one of the best I have ever had in my life.