Experience of Kevin Zingarelli in the youth exchange Hackers of Life (HoL) that took place in Lorca, Murcia from the 20th to the 26th of August 2019

My name is Kevin Zingarelli, participant of the italian team on the project in Lorca, Murcia about Cybersecurity called “Hackers of Life” organized by Pedro.
On this project were participants of different european countries such as; Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece and Italy, having the chance to work together as a group and achieve a higher knowledge on the Erasmus’ topic that was about the project.

Firstly we had opportunity to met the other people and got to know us a better through interactive, entraining and useful steps, games and team building activities. My favourite was when we were in a circle and try to remember the others name and also an adjective that themselves decided to tell about them, because like this was a way much easier to know everyone’s name.

After this first hours, we also took part in an responsibility activities which we divided different task to do everyone in different groups to help to have a better and more organized projects, such as making videos of our day there, helping to clean the public spaces, etc.

On the next days we also spoke about the Eramsus Plus project and the different programmes that you could take part of, such as Youth Exchange, EVS, Erasmus internship… And also about the European values which was not also very important but very funny when you needed to learn words in another European languages that wasn’t your mother tongue. This also was good to connect deeper with another european cultures.

We also had an amazing seminar about cyber security with practical but also theoretical examples which make us more aware of the main dangers that could exist in our daily data life, becoming more and more real the horror films about hackers. We also leart ways to be a little bit safer on Internet and know how to manage a situation like this. To be more focus on the topic we also created a video with the main problems that the have related to cyber security such as sexting, stole the identity to another personas, cyber bullying … And also was very nice to work with people from another nationalities and speak and debate on a crucial topics like these and after be able to show our work in a video.

Finnaly, I also loved the energizeers that we did to woke up and be always fresh and in a good mood. Intercultural nights were also an amazing ways to discover new facts and destroy prejudiced about another European countries. And of course to discover uniques “delicatese” such as jamón, queso, Pălincă, tiramisu.

In conclusion, it was a amazing week in which not only I learn more about cyber security buy also was able to create great memories that I won’t forget and new friend that I would never Imagen that I could have.

For all of this, I would like to thank you to Dreams of Tomorrow and the European Union to gave me this amazing opportunity that I tried to do my best and I would definitely recommend to anyone.