Experience of Elif Menlivuap in the youth exchange Hackers of Life (HoL) that took place in Lorca, Murcia from the 20th to the 26th of August 2019.

Life-changing experiences

Good evening ladies, gentlemen, friends and Erasmus+ addicts, this is Elif and today I’ll tell you about a life-changing experience!!
First of all, I would like to thank “Dreams of Tomorrow” for this unique opportunity and for their dedication and hard work to make this project real

Now let’s get into the subject:
Through this youth exchange I learned about cyber security, how to navigate safely through the Internet and how to protect our computer from hackers. The sad truth is that we are not safe on internet we might not always be aware of that, so we, human beings, use internet carelessly believing that we are “protected” by any kind of free anti-virus, this youth exchange made me realize it by a remarkable activity we had where real experts demonstrate us how easily a phone can be hacked just through a simple fake link sent by email.
Furthermore, the intercultural nights were a wondrous experience. I’ve had the opportunity to taste so many delicious dishes and learn so many things about other countries traditions, history and most importantly dances, who doesn’t love to learn new dance styles?
Now I want to share with you, dear readers, the real evidence of a life-changing experience, pictures worth a thousand words