Experience of Alessia Labella in the youth exchange Hackers of Life (HoL) that took place in Lorca, Murcia from the 20th to the 26th of August 2019

I’m Alessia and I’m 20. I come from Italy and I just got home from this beautiful experience. Before l left, I was a little bit worried becouse I knew that this week would be different from the daily routine.. unknown people, different countries, different lenguages and cultures. When the others 5 italians and me arrived in this place ( after 17 hours of travel ), we were a little disoriented and with so much desire to escape especially becouse the language and the difficulty in communicating. But .. these feelings lasted only the first 5 minutes. The staff was very welcoming and friendly and it was impossible not to integrate yourself!!

The week was full of activities and well organized: We did many group activities where each one had to search and to argue about topics related to the main theme of the project. These activities were been very important first to made aware people about themes like cyber security, iceberg theory, sexting ect.. and secondly to practice more English. I very enjoyed interviewing people around Lorca and knowing what they know about these thematics.

What I liked most?
• I appreciate doing the treasure hunt around Àguilas where we had to search some informations about the city.
•I liked the play of “secret friends where it was possible to write small thoughts in a paper and leave it in the bag of your secret friend.
• I enjoyed the time we spent with cyber security specialists.

What I will take home from this experience ? Surely people I met. They were been very friendly and sociable. I hope we can see again in the future!
So, are your bags packed? If they are, enjoy your Erasmus and have fun!!