Experience of Advie Salim in the youth exchange Hackers of Life (HoL) that took place in Lorca, Murcia from the 20th to the 26th of August 2019

The students from SU “Petko Rachov Slaveykov” have returned from their project in Spain and have many stories to tell. Thanks to Erasmus+ and the partnering organizations – “Rodopea – Balkanika” Kardzhali Association and the Spanish organization “Dreams of Tomorrow”, the six participants from Bulgaria got the chance to explore Alicante, the incredible town of Lorca, along with the beautiful seaside of Âguilas, and create some memories in Valencia as well.

Some of the precious memories include stories of the interesting sessions filled with endless laughter and new friendships, learning so many things about the dangers of cyberspace (and how to protect ourselves!) and the Internet overall, how to shoot and edit videos. The project activities also included countless discussions, interviews with the locals, multicultural and karaoke nights. The days went by so fast, that week was packed with so many emotions and good food and good friends, so time was absolutely forgotten.

Out of all the unforgettable things, the most important thing we learned was that the friendships we create during the Youth Exchange are not to be taken lightly, and do not have to be temporary. And the highlight of the whole project – we are never safe!